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Daniela Edburg (1) – The series Drop Dead Gorgeous

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Death by Miss Clairol

The series Drop Dead Gorgeous by Daniela Edburg links the objects, gender, and context that present issues that affect women and that women are effected by. In the series there is a lot of imagery of women under attack or killed by some factor that pressures or consumes them into using. Society does target women and presents a certain look or image and even what a woman had to do to fit the acceptable type of woman. At times there are cases where women do get hurt, scarred emotionally or physically to achieve a state of acceptance or perfection.  At times it might not  be based on the pressures from society , it could be from habits or personal satisfaction that in the end is not good for one. We at times don’t realized what we put our bodies and mind through if it is causing temporary satisfaction.

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