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Daniela Edburg (2) – The series Drop Dead Gorgeous

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Death By ShampooDaniela Edburg references iconic or famous works of art and has intertexualized and estranged them into present day cultural issues and.

The following works are paired to their inspiration piece…

Death by Shampoo  — Jacque Louis David’s Death of Marat

Death by shampoo depicts how a woman has died based on her looks or to look like the ideal woman to be accepted by others- to feel better about herself. The Death of Marat has been presented as a depiction of a Christ like figure who died for the people.

In Death by Slimfast — Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres’ Grande Odalisque

Death by slimfast represents how present day society presents the ideal woman as thin. The Grande Odalisque is from the Renaissance Period that celebrates a woman’s curves and natural appearance as is.

In Death by Bananas —  Alfred Hitchcock’s movie The Birds

Death by bananas maybe touching base on how today’s society is so healthy and everyone is someway attacked / pushed into the trend. The Birds is said to be based on the birds being poisoned and going out of control in a town.

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