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EFFEN Vodka is a smooth and balanced super-premium vodka named after the Dutch word for “smooth.” As the only vodka created by the industry, for the industry, EFFEN Vodka not only offers a world-class liquid but a sleek, form-meets-function design. It is made from premium wheat and using a patented distillation process. 

EFFEN Vodka is based on a 125-year-old Dutch recipe. Distilled by “continuous rectification,” the liquid circulates in giant stainless steel columns and is effectively distilled hundreds of times. It is then filtered through peat, which is more effective at removing impurities than charcoal. The water used for EFFEN Vodka is filtered through reverse osmosis to strip away all impurities. Since 80-proof vodka is actually 60 percent water, we take great care in creating the pure, clean water needed for world-class vodka.  (http://www.barnonedrinks.com/tips/dictionary/e/effen-raspberry-vodka-4320.html)




The over all look  of  EFFEN  Vodka is  smooth, even and balanced (which happens to be the dutch translation) and it gives a nice classic look and sophistication to the drink itself. The consistency of the nam, look feel and tone presents a good sense of brand identity. Will find out if the taste reflects the idenity soon…..


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