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This movie was not what I expected. It was good but still not what I expected.  But the movie poster does reflect the tone of the movie. It is dark but not gloomy, its grunge and dated (based on a World War I / II time period). The overall design for this poster does invite the viewer in. The angle, point of view and depth of perception is consistent with the lighting, shading and tones. This poster is really texture heavy but its consistent and the contrast helps the eye adjust and distunusing the light and dark. I really like the text treatment for the movie title and follows the angle of the over all design.  The placement of the title, the girls and the other elemts helps with the diagonal alignment but the black faded part on the bottom helps ground everything.

If anyone decides to watch this is kinda heavy, a little like Inception but if you pay attention all the things are tied up in the end. But the graphics, special effect and the soundtrack was AMAZING!!!

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