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Yankee Classic Ballroom Competition Logo

I had recently competed in the Yankee Classic Ballroom Competition and did relatively well.  The logo for Yankee Classic Competition is very stricking and classy. It consists of the Y and C. The color scheme for the competition is black and pink, I was glad to see that is no over kill for the use of pink but there is nice balance between the use of the two colors. The lettering for the logo is elegant but I do wish tat the letter Y was more distinct .I know its probably the construction of the font, I do not know what the font family name is but if / when I do find out, I need to look at the other letters then I can get a better feel and tone of the font. With saying that the logo was applied to the certificates, print materials and on the shoes bags. The applications to different materials / surface was done well – I know there are logos that need to be adjust due to the surface. But this is a great example of having simple logos can go a long way and with the right choice of color and font can give it a unique and distinct look and recognition, which is clearly represent in the Yankee Classic Ballroom Competition Logo.

It was my first time attending Yankee Classic Ballroom Competition and it was a great experience and hope to go back in 2012. Thank so much John and Cathi!!!!

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