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Consistent Design Elements

I have been reading up on the new Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises, and not sure what to think since its remaking the orginial Tim Burton movies and there is a slight twist of the storyline and character development.  The new movie will feature Catwoman and Bane as the villians and I’m really  interested in this portryal.  I am big on the charcter and the sotry line of Catwoman, shes the god / bad girl that Batman could never understand.  But I really prefer Michelle Pfeiffer as catwoman, but before I get into that discussion I decided to take a look a the the Batman Returns Poster, which is clean and full of black space.  The use of black does not seem heavy or overwhelming. The stacking of the face right in the middle activated the space and the snowy, cold air or smoke adds a little something that ties the three portraits together. The names at the top are always there for movie poster  but the scene with the penguins on the bottom is a nice touch to ground the overall design and  gives a  sense of depth.  The use of red is used lightly but effienetly. When making a clolor pop it should be used very little and the contrast will really big.  The red on catwoman’s lips and the red on the missiles are small touch but againt the white and black do catch the eye.  And its not a  pure, striking red the deep red is in relation to the black to help keep the winter theme of the poster and the movie.


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