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Black and White with a POP of COLOR

September 13, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

The 2011 Miss Universe was taken to the next level this year with live fan voting, great music numbers and its always great to see the pageant contestants. Its family tradition in my house to watch this along with the Mrs. Universe and Miss USA….

The logo for Miss Universe sets the tone for the event. The incorporation of the female brazilin dancer and the bight colors set for the location keeps the type design balanced – my eye goes directly to the Miss Universe text and then down to the 2011 and Sao Paulo, Brazil then back up following the silhouette of the brazilin dancer. The logo (I guess I will call it that) is clean and presents a fun and celebration vibe. This definitely carried to the live segment of the final round for the Miss Universe title. The stage is black with white abstract shapes – which colored light are shown on the shapes to help change the tone and mood for the opening, the swimwear portion, evening gown, the question portion and then the FINAL crowning…. The use of color(s) help keep the tone and vibe of the show fun and festive. If there was no color it would be formal and minimalist. But the how the color was used was done with variety and with use of the contestants. The contestants wore the different colors for the opening act and then for the swimwear – this allowed the set designer and costume department to have more control for the over all look – but allowed the contestants to pick from a set selection of outfits that best fit their personality and color preference. Also the use of the backdrop screen was used to help with the use of color but it was subtle – therefore allowing focus on the pageant and contestants.

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