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AbsoluteOC Magazine

Yes I am  a fan of the Housewives of Bravo and saw this cover. I really like the type treatment used for AbsoluteOC,  it chic , classy and modern. The use of the red / burgundy helps break up the words without using a space. It helps keep the title of the magazine on one line and I think this type design can be shrunk down and it would still be clear to read. The image of Gretchen Rossi seem to  very greek goddess. The simple photo conveys the message of the goddess look and not being overly done. The focal points of the dress and the orange that really pop –  if  the photo was really detailed with a lot of props and an over designed set the who cover would lose its impact. I thin the simple details really make this cover photo successful. The simple dress, hair and make up really help with the  technique of the black and white  image with the color application to certain objects.  Yes there are a few things I would have changed but if this picture was the best pic from all the others that were taken then it was good for print. Like they say in print once it printed it permanent….

If I saw this on the shelves  along with the other magazines I think it would really pop – have you notice that magazine with black and white cover photos tend to pop of the shelves then the full color covers??

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