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Creating Depth

February 19, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

Saw this magazine  and YES this stood out from all of the other magazines that were on the table. With magazines I am not fond of how the text is  layer on top of an image, especially when there is a model or group of people  featured on the cover pictorial. I understand the magazine title and  the text for the main features / articles but it can get too cluttered and way too text heavy. I really like how everything is layered and treated for this cover design.  The man is  clearly the focal point for this cover pictorial and then the car – which clearly follows the main feature for this issue of the Ralph Lauren Magazine.  I really like the balance of this design. The  bulk of the car image is on the left and the text is on the right and I do prefer that they did not have the magazine title over lap Ralph, but the over layering of the main feature text is positioned well. It doesnt sem to hide a crucial part of the photo or take a way from the design or the design elements AND I think it helps with creating depth for the over all cover design.

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