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Consistency is important.

February 26, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

I heard Katy Perry’s New song ”  Part of Me” and I really like it and I came across this youtube. I really like the Type Design for this and the consistent treatment for the letters do present an urban grunge feel. I really like the hard use of edges, I guess the jagged edges on the vertical lines on the letter forms really incorporate the song title and the lyrics. It is so simple and straight forward but the change in color and use of effects to literally convey the iconic version  of the lyrical sense. (Hope that makes sense.) Examples would be the glowing, the fading and drain and so on and so on…..This really keeps your eyes moving and it is not overly done to the sense where you have to struggle to read the lyrics.

For the type treament it seems theres was a play on addition and subration to the anatomy of the letters. The counters of the letters were remove and jagged line to the main vertical line of the letters were added. I thin when designing type faces the over all apperance of the letters seperate and together are some of the main challenges for type design. In this case you have to remove one thing to add another.

Katy Perry - A part of me (from http://www.katyperry.com/)

Katy Perry - A part of me (from http://www.katyperry.com/)

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