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Simple & Iconic

I am a big 007 fan and looking forward  to see  the new James Bond Film. I know the trend for movies is more graphics, action and all – but with the James Bond movies it’s all about the mission and it really doesn’t need all the fluff. I hope this movie stays with its ionic and historical back ground… But anyways this movie poster is so simple and iconic that we know it is James Bond without having the look at the 007 under the title or the James Bond of the Film – The gun barrel is the iconic image for Bond and he is always at the other end. It has been updated with James in the barrel and not just on the other end. There is great depth and contrast is this photo that is not flat or boring. This show how consistent use or brand identity works with a simple image, color or style.


Here is a video of the iconic james bond intro and how this movie poster plays off of it.

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