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& Pizza

October 25, 2015 Leave a comment


Saw this in Ronald Reagan Airport and it stood out on the line up restaurants. I really like the simple use of the ampersand and it being black and white. & is a simple quick read. With the hustle of being in an airport, you don’t always have time to stop and read a sign. There is consistency; the photos in the restaurant and the pizza boxes are black and white. Overall the ideas and concept are simple and focus on the customer  & pizza.


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Came across this label and it really takes me back to my college lecture. I was a fan of my art history classes and this label gives me a sense of realism. Having to think back to my lectures and studio classes all I can recall is Degas. Eward Degas, a french painter who’s style included realism did portray individuals in their element. There are portraits of the female model with her back exposed in Degas’ paintings. This label is a detailed illustration of yhe human form and the title is appropriate, for that little sense of humor.

Dark has never looked to classy

January 2, 2015 Leave a comment


The styling of Regina, the Evil Queen is the series has always been dark  high end fashion. The touch of the lace head piece really softens the face. The darkness of the background and the pop of color in the foreground really helps with the portrayal of depth.

A modern classic

August 3, 2014 Leave a comment


An iconic New York print has a modern take. I really like the black collar and sleeves – there is a clean finish and implied frame of the tiled print.

A Modern Business

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Saw this ad for the 50 Shades of Grey Movie. I have not read the books but I intrigued but the poster. For a clean, modern and airy design I feel like it is an ad for a Mens’ watch, cologne or  suit. I think that having Mr.  Grey’s back towards us adds a sense of mystery and allows the perspective to be forced for on lookers of the poster. We get the sense that we are walking into the room.



Black and white is not always dark and gloomy

May 31, 2014 Leave a comment


Went to see Maleficent and was very impressed!! It is  a must see movie – very impressive story line and character development. The campaign was a mix of movie posters and commercials but I am very impressed with this poster design the symetical design is very simple and in fashion a strong lip with a pop of color is a must. But this image is not so gloomy and dark – its a mixture of whimsical and high couture.

Black Box

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Saw an ad for this new ABC show and decided to watch it based on the ad, not as much as for the story line but after seeing the previews and after seeing the first episodes it kinda all makes sense. The black box is not as literal as the name – there is focus on the inside, not the outside. So thinking outside the box is not always the best, examining all the components on the inside can be the key. Catherine Black  a neurologist who also happens to  have bipolar disorder helps her patients by focusing on them, their mind and their disorder.


Happy New Year!!!

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I hope everyone is having a Happy New Year!!!! I took this pic and dinner and could help nut post it….

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Dark without the use of all Black

October 11, 2012 Leave a comment
ABC - Once Upon a Time

ABC – Once Upon a Time

ABC had release cast photos for the Once Upon a Time and this photo of Regina / the Evil Queen presents her as dark and evil but she is not dressed in black nor is her character set in a dark night atmosphere. For this series I have notice that the writers and set designers included elements in the scene that relate to the characters significance in the series. Regina in the Evil Queen – she is on a desk portrayed as in power and strong. The wall paper in the office is of trees – the Evil Queen did drive Snow White in the forest. Dressing Regina in red – the only other color used in the black and white set helps direct your eye to her first. The heavy use of textures in contrast to her simple solid color outfit helps with the contrast that the eye catches the main difference of solid color and the color red. If they had dressed Regina in a dress that had a patter and red the focus would not be directed to her in the photo.

Simple & Iconic

May 17, 2012 Leave a comment

I am a big 007 fan and looking forward  to see  the new James Bond Film. I know the trend for movies is more graphics, action and all – but with the James Bond movies it’s all about the mission and it really doesn’t need all the fluff. I hope this movie stays with its ionic and historical back ground… But anyways this movie poster is so simple and iconic that we know it is James Bond without having the look at the 007 under the title or the James Bond of the Film – The gun barrel is the iconic image for Bond and he is always at the other end. It has been updated with James in the barrel and not just on the other end. There is great depth and contrast is this photo that is not flat or boring. This show how consistent use or brand identity works with a simple image, color or style.


Here is a video of the iconic james bond intro and how this movie poster plays off of it.