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& Pizza

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Saw this in Ronald Reagan Airport and it stood out on the line up restaurants. I really like the simple use of the ampersand and it being black and white. & is a simple quick read. With the hustle of being in an airport, you don’t always have time to stop and read a sign. There is consistency; the photos in the restaurant and the pizza boxes are black and white. Overall the ideas and concept are simple and focus on the customer  & pizza.

Keep the details simple

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I passed this store over weekend and this logo design caught my eye. Along the line up stores this detailed logo really seemed heavy. The heavy display font and the logo it seemed to hold its ground on the awning. It does give the old victorian feel of books.

I did stop in and got a better feel for it. The store is an all natural tea, soap and wiccan store. Not your typical magic store, it is all on the natural  healing elements. With the Name Rumpelstiltskin there are  the ties to the time period of this tale, the fade of wicca and the strong dependency on using herbs for healing this store brand it very accurate for its history and its purpose.

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Came across this brand  (Scout) while looking for a travel tote. I noticed the tag first, what a surprise! But the classy and simple logo gave the brand and product  a high end perception but not over priced, I think the dog line drawing helps tone down the posh look. The simplicity and clarity help keep it easy to read and memorable.

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Its all about the dress

February 15, 2013 Leave a comment


I was in Total Wine looking for some champaing and came a cross this poster. Enza, a Champagne/Sparkling Wine, which I did not end of getting but was impressed with the ornate floral logo design. The fun and flirty logo is very simple and organic and comes off clean  and supplicated for the overall prevention. The use of the box / cropped portion of the design help create the main focal point. But the campaign poster really puts a nice twist on the selling point. Enza, who happen to be Champaign’s sexy Italian cousin really applies to a female human essence that any woman can relate too. Who does want to be that sexy tease and that is clearly presented with the female drawing. Not only with the drawing but with the type design itself, the fun and flirty script font really present a female flair to the wine. But having the logo design applied to the females dress really reiterates the tag line. The depiction is classy and sexy. The woman  is wearing a full length strapless dress, and yes the dress is everything, the dress does help keep this sophisticated. If it was a mini it would be borderline trashy. And with the gentleman being in outlines there is more focus on the woman the effect she has on a man. Sex does sell but this is more than that and is not coming off as a over the top and degrading for women. Its more passionate and in the moment.

007 An icon

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Being a James Bond Fan I found out that they came out with a cologne. With the iconic 007 logo and the black gun metal sheen how does is this not represent the James Bonds over the years.

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Literally Simple

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Thorny Rose - Cabernet Sauvignon

Thorny Rose – Cabernet Sauvignon

Last night I tasted and new wine, Thorny Rose Wine – Cabernet Sauvignon. I am not a red wine drinker but I figured it would go well with the pizza I had bought. The main reason I bought this wine is that it stood out from the others on the shelf.  I really like the contrast of the print and the silhouette of the wine glass. the background print it very complex, bein monotone helps keep it consistent and strong. If there was use of other colors it would be too busy. The silhouette of the glass is right in the middle, which breaks the background pattern and helps the logo pop. The stacked type design in white lettering is prominent. Think the use of shapes with positive and negative space help with the hierarchy. The break in the pattern helps calm your eye and the pop of white lettering catches your eye first. The cleaver play on the Thorny Rose and the use of thorns in the logo and on the stem of the wine glass help with little details the help make it unique. There are probably numerous wine logos that have wine glasses  – the trick is how to present the name and the iconic wine glass different to make your brand iconic.

AND Yes.. It was good – smooth taste that had a good flavor.  I do prefer my whites but this was really good and plan on having it a gain soon and trying some of other Thorny Rose Wines.

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Logos Over Time

August 25, 2012 Leave a comment

I was reading this link and found it very interesting. Its important for brands to evolve and change with the times but a drastic change and new direstion is a big risk that can have negative effects: What 20 Top Companies’ Logos Looked Like Before They Were Famous

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Old Town Vintage

July 1, 2012 Leave a comment

I had attended Smithfield Olden Days Festival in Smithfield Virginia and was impressed with the old town architecture. I had come across this store and really like the logo / type design.  It’s simple, the emphasis is clearly on the letter “L” – but how it encloses the names and clearly separates the names from the what I will call a tag line ” antiques . exquisite junk” . Which helps ground the over all design.  Besides the clean and vintage use of lettering the feel / tone of the design is carried into the concept and use of the word” exquisite” to describe junk. There are so many words that can used to describe junk but ” exquisite”  seems to be the right fit for this design.

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Country Home

June 5, 2012 Leave a comment
Privet House Company

Privet House Company

I noticed this display in Target and it not just classy, sheik, and modern. It really has a home, antique feel. It’s so simple the there is focus on the images / items that can be bought through this house ware line. The old chalkboard drawing feel with the simple illustrations really help present a laid back at home feel. The line drawings with the minimal details help present the form and special relation of the object but table that everything is on is implied by the perspective. I do like the type design with the serif font / display font (Privet) and sans serif (House), it helps contrast the text and not make the label too text heavy.