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A Modern Business

July 24, 2014 Leave a comment





Saw this ad for the 50 Shades of Grey Movie. I have not read the books but I intrigued but the poster. For a clean, modern and airy design I feel like it is an ad for a Mens’ watch, cologne or  suit. I think that having Mr.  Grey’s back towards us adds a sense of mystery and allows the perspective to be forced for on lookers of the poster. We get the sense that we are walking into the room.



Black and white is not always dark and gloomy

May 31, 2014 Leave a comment


Went to see Maleficent and was very impressed!! It is  a must see movie – very impressive story line and character development. The campaign was a mix of movie posters and commercials but I am very impressed with this poster design the symetical design is very simple and in fashion a strong lip with a pop of color is a must. But this image is not so gloomy and dark – its a mixture of whimsical and high couture.

The Great Gatsby

May 9, 2013 Leave a comment


Its nice to see that every couple of years there is a remake of some of the original classic novels and movies. I do hope to see the Great Gatsby soon, it happens to be one of my favorite books and this movie has not been over advertised. I know with  the movie release some critics really like it and some just don’t. But is  a  classis story that might have an interesting take but the way society views movies and novels has changed over the years and there is little exception / acceptation  to complex art form….. But with  the movie release, Smirnoff has come out with this vodka for the movie. Its simple and is nice collateral piece in the campaign.


The Great Gatsby Movie Poster

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Back to the classics…

September 21, 2012 Leave a comment

It will be interesting to see the remake of Frankenweenie. I had grown up watching the 91984 Frankenweenie  and it was a little scary to watch but one of the black and white classic movies I had seen. To see a black and white movie be released that is sterred towards  children / families  will be interesting.I am not a big fan of remakes, especailly since a lot of the most recent movies are remakes but as a fan of Tim Burton and his style I am very intrigued to see what his presention puts forth. With tim Burton’s movie his know style consists  heavy use of black, white, a dark tones, tectures and the ocasaional pop of color. This moive  poster really clonveys his style and creativity for a world of fantasty.

The 2012 Frankenweenie

Frankenweenie 2012

Frankenweenie 2012


The 1984 Frankenweenie


Frankenweenie 1984

Frankenweenie 1984


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Simple & Iconic

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I am a big 007 fan and looking forward  to see  the new James Bond Film. I know the trend for movies is more graphics, action and all – but with the James Bond movies it’s all about the mission and it really doesn’t need all the fluff. I hope this movie stays with its ionic and historical back ground… But anyways this movie poster is so simple and iconic that we know it is James Bond without having the look at the 007 under the title or the James Bond of the Film – The gun barrel is the iconic image for Bond and he is always at the other end. It has been updated with James in the barrel and not just on the other end. There is great depth and contrast is this photo that is not flat or boring. This show how consistent use or brand identity works with a simple image, color or style.


Here is a video of the iconic james bond intro and how this movie poster plays off of it.

Movie Posters of 2011

December 22, 2011 Leave a comment

Movie posters of 2011 have been ranked best and worst….. Take a Look!!

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17 Century England

October 2, 2011 Leave a comment

The movie Anonymous is a story about whether William Shakespeare was truly the great poet and play writer as we  know him. I do like this story but I am also a fan of the Shakespearean plays. The movie poster really captured the Elizabethan and Old England Era. There the black and white presentation in this poster is not really, classy or  grunge but kinda dreary. England is known for their rainy afternoon, stone castles and walkways and cold winters. This poster will the figure in the middle present a little mystery of who is William Shakespeare? I really see how the concept for this poster was thought out from historical meaning, to the theme of the movie and the use of ink does tie in the writings of the pays but also theat this is the time when printing books started to come into effect for England.

I hope to  see this movie


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Consistent Design Elements

August 9, 2011 Leave a comment

I have been reading up on the new Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises, and not sure what to think since its remaking the orginial Tim Burton movies and there is a slight twist of the storyline and character development.  The new movie will feature Catwoman and Bane as the villians and I’m really  interested in this portryal.  I am big on the charcter and the sotry line of Catwoman, shes the god / bad girl that Batman could never understand.  But I really prefer Michelle Pfeiffer as catwoman, but before I get into that discussion I decided to take a look a the the Batman Returns Poster, which is clean and full of black space.  The use of black does not seem heavy or overwhelming. The stacking of the face right in the middle activated the space and the snowy, cold air or smoke adds a little something that ties the three portraits together. The names at the top are always there for movie poster  but the scene with the penguins on the bottom is a nice touch to ground the overall design and  gives a  sense of depth.  The use of red is used lightly but effienetly. When making a clolor pop it should be used very little and the contrast will really big.  The red on catwoman’s lips and the red on the missiles are small touch but againt the white and black do catch the eye.  And its not a  pure, striking red the deep red is in relation to the black to help keep the winter theme of the poster and the movie.


Live forever OR die trying

July 26, 2011 2 comments

I have not made up my mind about this movie. I have not seen any previews or read anything about it but the poster does convey a lot of emotion and sets the tone of the movie. My eye is really engaged here and constantly moving since most of the space is activated. I really like the vertical alignment of everything but is not boring – the text, the alignment of the bodies, the shoulder positions, the arrangement of height and the guns and the gradient in the background. Its really consistent. The text design of the title and the tag line is modern and clean and packs a punch. That alone would be a great poster. It fits together / along side with the figures / characters. Besides being a fan of black and white photographs but the light, angling and depth of the figures give you depth and detail. Also with the green numbers – I guess the movie is futuristic but with a tag line of live forever or die trying. But the green is somewhat balanced or balances the design of activating the two opposing corners.

The Queen

July 26, 2011 1 comment

This movie is an interesting portrayal of the classic fairytale of Snow White. The title – Snow White & the Huntsman does convey a different storyline. The image of the Queen does depict power, strenth, a dark side and sex appeal. The costume seems to be modern with the classic touches; the high collar, the dated hair style and the exaggerated sleeves — then the jewelry and dagger look medieval. (I did see the other movie posters and there is a medieval theme). I really like that the image of Queen it is the first thing you see and then you look the actress’s name and her character. I’m not for over lapping logos on the main image / focal point but I can see the diagonal alignment of the design- the whit streak in the background and the activation of the opposing corners.

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