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It’s Love at the End of the day

December 25, 2011 Leave a comment

Saw  this movie on tv  and there is so much to take in, but this sence is really powerful. (I had seen it before but this time it made me think a little more) I guess realizing what have in life and there’s nothing wrong with wanting a little more. Sometimes it takes doing something out of your comfort zone to realize things about your life and helps you see the greatness you already have.

This scene of the couple in black and the red rose – it seems so classic and there is a clear focus on them. No one else in the scene is in all black. Along with the song (Book of Love – Peter Gabriel) is so touching and does tie the story of Richard gear’s character developement all together.

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November 11, 2011 Leave a comment


discussed the movie poster a few posts back and came across the trailer. the cinematography for this movie looks amazing. There is great use of color and textures that really balance the black and white. There is a great del of sue for the darkness of this movie but the use of color help change / set the mood for the scene and possibly for the entire movie. I really lie the scene with the mirror – the gold flowing out to Queen and taking form and with the yellow candle light really make the scene seem rich and valuable – kinda like the question and the information revealed.

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17 Century England

October 2, 2011 Leave a comment

The movie Anonymous is a story about whether William Shakespeare was truly the great poet and play writer as we  know him. I do like this story but I am also a fan of the Shakespearean plays. The movie poster really captured the Elizabethan and Old England Era. There the black and white presentation in this poster is not really, classy or  grunge but kinda dreary. England is known for their rainy afternoon, stone castles and walkways and cold winters. This poster will the figure in the middle present a little mystery of who is William Shakespeare? I really see how the concept for this poster was thought out from historical meaning, to the theme of the movie and the use of ink does tie in the writings of the pays but also theat this is the time when printing books started to come into effect for England.

I hope to  see this movie


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Live forever OR die trying (PART 2) In Time Trailer

August 15, 2011 Leave a comment

I came acoress the trailer today and it looks really good. The movie poster does reflect the movie (from what I see in the trailer) and I am happy to see a consistent theme. Cant wait to see it and let you know more about it…

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