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Consistency is important.

February 26, 2012 Leave a comment

I heard Katy Perry’s New song ”  Part of Me” and I really like it and I came across this youtube. I really like the Type Design for this and the consistent treatment for the letters do present an urban grunge feel. I really like the hard use of edges, I guess the jagged edges on the vertical lines on the letter forms really incorporate the song title and the lyrics. It is so simple and straight forward but the change in color and use of effects to literally convey the iconic version  of the lyrical sense. (Hope that makes sense.) Examples would be the glowing, the fading and drain and so on and so on…..This really keeps your eyes moving and it is not overly done to the sense where you have to struggle to read the lyrics.

For the type treament it seems theres was a play on addition and subration to the anatomy of the letters. The counters of the letters were remove and jagged line to the main vertical line of the letters were added. I thin when designing type faces the over all apperance of the letters seperate and together are some of the main challenges for type design. In this case you have to remove one thing to add another.

Katy Perry - A part of me (from

Katy Perry - A part of me (from

Creating Depth

February 19, 2012 Leave a comment

Saw this magazine  and YES this stood out from all of the other magazines that were on the table. With magazines I am not fond of how the text is  layer on top of an image, especially when there is a model or group of people  featured on the cover pictorial. I understand the magazine title and  the text for the main features / articles but it can get too cluttered and way too text heavy. I really like how everything is layered and treated for this cover design.  The man is  clearly the focal point for this cover pictorial and then the car – which clearly follows the main feature for this issue of the Ralph Lauren Magazine.  I really like the balance of this design. The  bulk of the car image is on the left and the text is on the right and I do prefer that they did not have the magazine title over lap Ralph, but the over layering of the main feature text is positioned well. It doesnt sem to hide a crucial part of the photo or take a way from the design or the design elements AND I think it helps with creating depth for the over all cover design.

It says B&W

January 31, 2012 Leave a comment


I went to Office Depot and saw this on the shelf – it was kinda funny. But there is a note-book brand that is black& white, black and red, and black and pink. Its simple and can catch on quickly.  The notebook design seems a little Victorian, no so much the type but  mainly the floral print. But I really like the simplicity of the logo design. The over lapping of letters and using positive and negative space is becoming popular for logos but this plays on the letters shape and how handwriting flows. It clean, it clear and can work at any scale. The use of  serif font helps contrast and ground it in comparison to the fludity of the floral print.



January 29, 2012 Leave a comment

AbsoluteOC Magazine

Yes I am  a fan of the Housewives of Bravo and saw this cover. I really like the type treatment used for AbsoluteOC,  it chic , classy and modern. The use of the red / burgundy helps break up the words without using a space. It helps keep the title of the magazine on one line and I think this type design can be shrunk down and it would still be clear to read. The image of Gretchen Rossi seem to  very greek goddess. The simple photo conveys the message of the goddess look and not being overly done. The focal points of the dress and the orange that really pop –  if  the photo was really detailed with a lot of props and an over designed set the who cover would lose its impact. I thin the simple details really make this cover photo successful. The simple dress, hair and make up really help with the  technique of the black and white  image with the color application to certain objects.  Yes there are a few things I would have changed but if this picture was the best pic from all the others that were taken then it was good for print. Like they say in print once it printed it permanent….

If I saw this on the shelves  along with the other magazines I think it would really pop – have you notice that magazine with black and white cover photos tend to pop of the shelves then the full color covers??

Black and White – it says it all

November 20, 2011 Leave a comment

I came across this when in the airport.  I really like the simplicity of this ad, but the attention to the small details really make this effective and straight forward. There is direct focus on the frappalate – but the text / font used in the title does complement the chocolate swirls in the coffee and the topping.  I know the use of two or more fonts for an ad is not advised but this works there is enough similarity of the fonts used in the B and W with rest of the text, it complements each other. The use of the third text  I am questions but I think there is main focus and emphasis on the Black & White, the frappalate helps present a direct contract with the use of the sans – serif font that is more geometric.

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Dont Be that Guy

November 10, 2011 Leave a comment

Came across this ad. Yes this design is black and white but wanted to bring awareness to this sexual assault campaign — Sexual Assault Voices of Edmonton. Is plain, simple and straight to the point.

Simple and Straight to the Point

November 6, 2011 Leave a comment

A friend sent this to me and it does reflect our relationship – she is not just a friend but a sister to me.

This tombstone( everything centered and stacked in the center) design is simple and clear to read. The star used in the in the letter “I” adds a little something to keep it from boring and does help get the feel and point across for the message. TIt helps with presenting a little personality without being to literal? The use of a serif font makes it seem more grounded and personal. A script or sans-serif would be to modern and bulky.

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Dark with out using Black

October 17, 2011 Leave a comment

I was watching some of the movies on the Syfy Channel this weekend.  I really like the commercial that they use to promote the 31 days of Halloween.

I really like the light use of black and there is still a sense of darkness but it’s not scary. It’s a little gloomy. The smoke effect that reflects the advancement of the dark and dreary night. The transformation into the animals  does play on how your imagination transforms when you are alone in the dark and scared

I like the type design of the 31 days of Halloween. The stack and off balanced design does play with the eye AND reads  well.  The missing fragments of the letters does give the worn and old look – not the traditional black and orange block Halloween text.


September 27, 2011 Leave a comment

I heard about the remake of the 70’s show Charlie’s Angels.  I’m not really liking the trend of remaking  shows, movies and songs. I might change my mind about this once I see the show?  But I like this ad, it presents the women and the focal point are the women / “Angels”. All dressed in white does not spoil or give you a preview of  their personality. I know with shows / story lines there’s is always the goody-goody, the badass and the super smart one and there are sometimes other  characteristics that fall into play… The use of the orange text does present a modern looks but does tie in to the Miami feel of late night / tropical party life.

Black and White with a POP of COLOR

September 13, 2011 Leave a comment

The 2011 Miss Universe was taken to the next level this year with live fan voting, great music numbers and its always great to see the pageant contestants. Its family tradition in my house to watch this along with the Mrs. Universe and Miss USA….

The logo for Miss Universe sets the tone for the event. The incorporation of the female brazilin dancer and the bight colors set for the location keeps the type design balanced – my eye goes directly to the Miss Universe text and then down to the 2011 and Sao Paulo, Brazil then back up following the silhouette of the brazilin dancer. The logo (I guess I will call it that) is clean and presents a fun and celebration vibe. This definitely carried to the live segment of the final round for the Miss Universe title. The stage is black with white abstract shapes – which colored light are shown on the shapes to help change the tone and mood for the opening, the swimwear portion, evening gown, the question portion and then the FINAL crowning…. The use of color(s) help keep the tone and vibe of the show fun and festive. If there was no color it would be formal and minimalist. But the how the color was used was done with variety and with use of the contestants. The contestants wore the different colors for the opening act and then for the swimwear – this allowed the set designer and costume department to have more control for the over all look – but allowed the contestants to pick from a set selection of outfits that best fit their personality and color preference. Also the use of the backdrop screen was used to help with the use of color but it was subtle – therefore allowing focus on the pageant and contestants.