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Simply Classic

June 19, 2014 Leave a comment


This simple ad for National Martini Day is retro classic. Love the classy color choice! It not to dark with the use of black and red…. The silhouettes play with the eye and with the color blocking- both elements really balances out the design.  I find the color blocking for martini /thursday and then for day / june 19th  interesting. It really helps the association with day and the date with out being to bulky and taking away from the silhouettes .

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The Great Gatsby

May 9, 2013 Leave a comment


Its nice to see that every couple of years there is a remake of some of the original classic novels and movies. I do hope to see the Great Gatsby soon, it happens to be one of my favorite books and this movie has not been over advertised. I know with  the movie release some critics really like it and some just don’t. But is  a  classis story that might have an interesting take but the way society views movies and novels has changed over the years and there is little exception / acceptation  to complex art form….. But with  the movie release, Smirnoff has come out with this vodka for the movie. Its simple and is nice collateral piece in the campaign.


The Great Gatsby Movie Poster

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New Vodka

December 23, 2011 Leave a comment

I had seen an ad for these new vodkas and they seem interesting!! Marshmallow and Whipped Cream. I am a vodka fan and would love to try this, but I think I have a little more of a desire to get the bottles. I do like the label designs that Smirnoff comes out with, but these ones seem to very festive and decorative for these flavors. I’m not sure if they are for holiday season or just a new release. I do get more of the frosty and cool feel from the marshmallow bottle I think the use of the white and light blue help present the idea of that cool feeling without the use of the word “cool” or “cold” or the image of ice.  As for the whipped cream – i think there is a little use of white in the label that helps high light the bottle – I guess in connection to whipped creams white sheen. I might get the idea of the holidays with the use of the white and gold, especially since I have not seen theat color combination for any of the other bottles in the Smirnoff collection. But over all I really like these bottle and hope to taste it soon!!

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Black Vodka

February 8, 2011 Leave a comment

The overall idea for this is interesting but the type design on the bottle is really just as mind bottleing. The stacking of text is very classy and elegant along with sleek. But idea of combining black and vodka  and having that be the focal point of the type design is cleaver. The application of the blavod can stand alone or with the pure black vodka as the subline. The brand identity is clearly established that the concept / name  can stand alone with the image of the bottle.

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September 21, 2010 Leave a comment

EFFEN Vodka is a smooth and balanced super-premium vodka named after the Dutch word for “smooth.” As the only vodka created by the industry, for the industry, EFFEN Vodka not only offers a world-class liquid but a sleek, form-meets-function design. It is made from premium wheat and using a patented distillation process. 

EFFEN Vodka is based on a 125-year-old Dutch recipe. Distilled by “continuous rectification,” the liquid circulates in giant stainless steel columns and is effectively distilled hundreds of times. It is then filtered through peat, which is more effective at removing impurities than charcoal. The water used for EFFEN Vodka is filtered through reverse osmosis to strip away all impurities. Since 80-proof vodka is actually 60 percent water, we take great care in creating the pure, clean water needed for world-class vodka.  (




The over all look  of  EFFEN  Vodka is  smooth, even and balanced (which happens to be the dutch translation) and it gives a nice classic look and sophistication to the drink itself. The consistency of the nam, look feel and tone presents a good sense of brand identity. Will find out if the taste reflects the idenity soon…..


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