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Black wedding dresses??

October 19, 2011 Leave a comment

Not sure what to think of Black wedding dresses. I know wedding dresses now include color – a belt, trim or ribbin piping on the veil. But Black wedding dresses – I think I would need tosee the over all look, venue, lighting and floral pieces. I want to see more what Vera Wang’s  collection.  I really like the shilouetes and the use of textures in the collection – there is a sense of elegance.

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Classic Black and White for Weddings

August 5, 2011 Leave a comment

I’m attending my friends wedding and was looking for a card in Hallmark. I really get into cards and the meaning, connecting it with the person. If there is an inside joke, if its something they like – it more sentimental and then I connect it with the gift and gift wrapping. I guess that’s watching a bit too much of Martha Stewart. LOL. But I was looking for a wedding card the was appropriate. The couple is young and with all the cards with older couples or young kids in wedding attire was not really cutting it. AND there the more mature designs that were really off putting.  I noticed this black and white card. It was simple, clean, had I liked contrast of the floral pattern (vintage) and the dots (modern).  I think this is a nice reflection of a man and woman. There seems to be a nice balance even though the patterns are not equal, this is a good example of how white space can really play with your eye. The placement of the card is simple but elegant, I really like that there is emphasis on the one ‘W’ for wedding.

I hope this card stand out from the others. Congratulations Brandon and Ashley – cant wait to see ya!!

Kardashian’s Wedding

July 31, 2011 Leave a comment,,20513990,00.html - Courtsey of Lehr & Black

Who wouldn’t want invites like these???  I have planned a few weddings and done a few invites the options for a budgeted wedding is really slim.  I bet their budget is really big for this but hey its the Kardashians.

I really like the  construction of the invite it is very clean, ornate  and the vertical lines and alignment really help the eye read the panels and follow the design elements.  I would to know if the right and left panel inserts are folded pieces and what info is contained. 

The design elements clearly  signify the union of marriage.  The contrast of the calligraphy for font of the invite and the use of sans-serif font / display font used in the names of Kim and Kris really reflect the lines in the design / decorative elements.  After reading the invite and looking at it over all I was not really sure about the left and right panel with the heavy lines used. But  looking at it for a while, the heavy lines used  proved more contrast if the one weight of the line was used the over all design would seem flat and not allow the eye to focus on one element or panel.

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Black and White Weddings…

October 15, 2010 Leave a comment

Weddings were known for being all white back in the day, but now it includes colors and prints. The colors tend to reflect the season in which the wedding takes place or tot the theme of the wedding or to the favorite colors of the bride and groom…. But wedding now do include black color or even theme to the wedding. I think that wedding are fun to plan and attend, but everyone has different taste . Sometimes bride and groom hit the mark and tend to hire wedding planners to do it for them… With the stress it can take toll on the relationship but back to the topic of having a black and shite wedding. I guess you need to have the right mind-set and touch to pull it off. If you use black in your design it can be too much or too little… Especially when you are working with textures, the room size, lighting, flowers, table settings, favors  and food having them hit the mark 100% is tough–  BUT now having simple weddings and decor are  in order to keep it modern and effective with the over all look!!!

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