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Came across this label and it really takes me back to my college lecture. I was a fan of my art history classes and this label gives me a sense of realism. Having to think back to my lectures and studio classes all I can recall is Degas. Eward Degas, a french painter who’s style included realism did portray individuals in their element. There are portraits of the female model with her back exposed in Degas’ paintings. This label is a detailed illustration of yhe human form and the title is appropriate, for that little sense of humor.

Throw back to vintage newspapers

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This wine label really stood out – I got a newspaper feel. The stacked narrow strip reminds me a newspaper column. I like how the label really occupies more of the bottle than most labels. The stacked text is clean and varied in weight which allows the eye to adjust as you read line by line. The simple black and white label keeps it clean and polished.

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Keep it unique

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When I saw this bottle it really made an impression and stood out from the shelf. Honestly it was great to see a strong concept speak louder than its design. This shows more character and personality than any font in my font book. I really like the message and how personalized the story is.

Simple details with a twist

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This bottle caught my eye from across the room . I really like the simple  ornate details of the bottle. There is a simple image that is tiled and the small detailed display font is used  but the change of angle really make its different from the standard wine label.

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Broke A#@ Wine

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Found this wine in TN when visiting some family. I had to buy it just because of the name but the simple design stood out to me.  Over the past year and a half wine labels have become more interesting. The simple and witty labels catch my eye the most. The simple shilouete is simple and straight to the point  and  the parchment like background give an aged feel. Having a jack ass donkey with a band-aid on its ass is so simple and funny, it really does work.  Having a simple and somewhat juvenile mindset really does go a long way, its new way of hitting the adults who are young and silly at heart!!!   The wine is a full bodied red with a light peppery after taste.

Its all about the dress

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I was in Total Wine looking for some champaing and came a cross this poster. Enza, a Champagne/Sparkling Wine, which I did not end of getting but was impressed with the ornate floral logo design. The fun and flirty logo is very simple and organic and comes off clean  and supplicated for the overall prevention. The use of the box / cropped portion of the design help create the main focal point. But the campaign poster really puts a nice twist on the selling point. Enza, who happen to be Champaign’s sexy Italian cousin really applies to a female human essence that any woman can relate too. Who does want to be that sexy tease and that is clearly presented with the female drawing. Not only with the drawing but with the type design itself, the fun and flirty script font really present a female flair to the wine. But having the logo design applied to the females dress really reiterates the tag line. The depiction is classy and sexy. The woman  is wearing a full length strapless dress, and yes the dress is everything, the dress does help keep this sophisticated. If it was a mini it would be borderline trashy. And with the gentleman being in outlines there is more focus on the woman the effect she has on a man. Sex does sell but this is more than that and is not coming off as a over the top and degrading for women. Its more passionate and in the moment.

Literally Simple

October 14, 2012 Leave a comment
Thorny Rose - Cabernet Sauvignon

Thorny Rose – Cabernet Sauvignon

Last night I tasted and new wine, Thorny Rose Wine – Cabernet Sauvignon. I am not a red wine drinker but I figured it would go well with the pizza I had bought. The main reason I bought this wine is that it stood out from the others on the shelf.  I really like the contrast of the print and the silhouette of the wine glass. the background print it very complex, bein monotone helps keep it consistent and strong. If there was use of other colors it would be too busy. The silhouette of the glass is right in the middle, which breaks the background pattern and helps the logo pop. The stacked type design in white lettering is prominent. Think the use of shapes with positive and negative space help with the hierarchy. The break in the pattern helps calm your eye and the pop of white lettering catches your eye first. The cleaver play on the Thorny Rose and the use of thorns in the logo and on the stem of the wine glass help with little details the help make it unique. There are probably numerous wine logos that have wine glasses  – the trick is how to present the name and the iconic wine glass different to make your brand iconic.

AND Yes.. It was good – smooth taste that had a good flavor.  I do prefer my whites but this was really good and plan on having it a gain soon and trying some of other Thorny Rose Wines.

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L Wine

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Was looking at wines at the store and this bottle stood out from the shelf. I haven’t had much of the Cabernet Sauvignon, but always willing to try everything once. I really like the look of this wine. There is black and white but the tan helps present a more earth tone and not an old, aged look. Withe the line up of the bottles on the self having the dark bottle with a focal point really makes it unique. Some labels are highly decorative and or  intensified with graphics. With the simply and  classy feeling for the label keeps it clean – I think with the use of a serif font helps keep it grounded and strong.  I would have liked to see the L label be a di-cut, but I know that would not be cost-effective .

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I heard about this wine on the Real Housewives of OC  (YES, Im a BRAVO  Housewives fan), when Lynn had a dinner party. It was her favor for the women in attendance.  I really like the name, it just funny. The design of the label is so simple, I cant really get over it.  The script font has a femanine qulaity but the sharpness of the “T” gives the logo an edge and explcamation point to the word bitch. If you cant tell the dots boarding the label are hearts with a  dagger silhouette.  I guess it plays off of the love and hate with the word or the love ate relationship of and for women??? Not really sure what to think.  Its funny and does make a good gift, I have given it to so many people – but have yet to try it. Heard good things about the taste!!