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Came across this label and it really takes me back to my college lecture. I was a fan of my art history classes and this label gives me a sense of realism. Having to think back to my lectures and studio classes all I can recall is Degas. Eward Degas, a french painter who’s style included realism did portray individuals in their element. There are portraits of the female model with her back exposed in Degas’ paintings. This label is a detailed illustration of yhe human form and the title is appropriate, for that little sense of humor.

Short and simple

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I was beer tasting and this happens to be the coasters that was on the bar. It was simple and eye catching. Some coasters have great designs but you tend to leave it behind just liking it. But this one you want to take home with you to put on your coffee table, for a great conversation starter.

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Broke A#@ Wine

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Found this wine in TN when visiting some family. I had to buy it just because of the name but the simple design stood out to me.  Over the past year and a half wine labels have become more interesting. The simple and witty labels catch my eye the most. The simple shilouete is simple and straight to the point  and  the parchment like background give an aged feel. Having a jack ass donkey with a band-aid on its ass is so simple and funny, it really does work.  Having a simple and somewhat juvenile mindset really does go a long way, its new way of hitting the adults who are young and silly at heart!!!   The wine is a full bodied red with a light peppery after taste.

A little black goes a long way….

August 22, 2011 2 comments

I saw an ad for Russian Dolls ( My Lifetime Show ) and then came across this print / still ad.  I really like this ad and how the use of black is really prominent, but with out being all black. The use of the the iconic Russian dolls as chair and  then there are the Russian Girls sitting in them… Its a really simple play on the Russian dolls that every time you open / un-stack the levels theres another doll. The use of the red, white and blue (in connection to the Russian doll design) does present a cool and clean atmosphere, maybe in connection to the cold weather in Russia?? But the Black interior of the chairs and having the girls in black dresses really makes them pop and be the focal point. My eye goes straight to the middle / horizontal line of the over all design.  AND then there is the tagline that ” These dolls are ready to play” is really whitty and straight to the point. But I would have liked to see the tag line on one line and across the bottom.

The title is connected / displayed as one word and then the color break helps distinguish the two words.  The texture applied to the type face that is really simple and reflects the sleek Russian dolls.


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I heard about this wine on the Real Housewives of OC  (YES, Im a BRAVO  Housewives fan), when Lynn had a dinner party. It was her favor for the women in attendance.  I really like the name, it just funny. The design of the label is so simple, I cant really get over it.  The script font has a femanine qulaity but the sharpness of the “T” gives the logo an edge and explcamation point to the word bitch. If you cant tell the dots boarding the label are hearts with a  dagger silhouette.  I guess it plays off of the love and hate with the word or the love ate relationship of and for women??? Not really sure what to think.  Its funny and does make a good gift, I have given it to so many people – but have yet to try it. Heard good things about the taste!!


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A friend mentioned  to me and the meanings for the listed logos are really cleaver…. That shows you how important a concept is…